ABOUT WANASATIME.COM What is wanasatime.com ? wanasatime.com is an online ticket booking portal for movies, events and venues in the Middle East. Does Wanasa Time own or operate the theaters? No. We do not own or operate the movie theaters. We are an internet technology company enabling online purchase of movie tickets and events happening in Gulf countries. Who can i talk to regarding partnerships and other business opportunities? We would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to business@wanasatime.com and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. ABOUT ONLINE BOOKING OF MOVIE TICKETS Which movie theaters can I buy tickets for ? Currently we can accept online bookings for the theaters in Dana Mall in Bahrain. We will be adding more venues and events soon. How does online booking of movie tickets work? You can find movies and show timings by either a movie name or theater. Once you have decided on a movie and show time, please follow the steps on the website to complete your seat selection and purchase. Once the purchase is complete, you will get a Reservation Code for your booking. This is displayed on the website and is also sent to you in an email and as a SMS message. Use this reservation code to collect your tickets at the Wanasa Time counter at the theater. Important things to remember: Please have the Reservation code handy when you head to the tickets counter to collect your tickets. Please carry the credit card you used for the online transaction. This will be used for verification. How many days in advance can I book my tickets? Up to the coming Wednesday (of current week or next week whichever is sooner.) The theaters at Bahrain update their movie show information every Wednesday night. At that time,the theaters publish show information for the coming week (Thursday to next Wednesday). You should be able to buy tickets for the shows as soon as the theaters publish them. Why don’t I see any shows for the next few days? You are probably looking at our website on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Show information for the coming week is updated on every Wednesday night. You should be able to buy tickets for the shows as soon as the theaters publish them. When does online booking close for a show? Generally, online booking is closed around 30 Minutes before the show time. This might change across theaters and shows. Why do you need my Email address and Phone number? We need your email-id and SMS for the following communication: Sending the receipt for your purchase Sending the Reservation code of your online booking To alert you of any show timing changes or cancellations What is a reservation code? Reservation code is 8 digit numeric codes issued for each successful booking online. This will be used for collecting your tickets at the Wanasa Time ticket counter. How do I collect my tickets? Please approach the Wanasa Time ticket counter at the theater to collect your tickets. You will need your reservation code and the credit card used to buy tickets online to collect your tickets. Do I need my credit card for collecting tickets? Yes. Your credit card is used as verification before giving the tickets to you. It will not be used for any other purpose. How many seats can I book? You can book a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction. You can make as many transactions as you wish. What forms of payment do you accept? Our payment gateway with Paytab (debit card/credit card) can accept the following cards at this time: Visa&Master. The other gateway we provide is SADAD online. Why do you charge a fee for each ticket? Wanasatime.com incurs expenses in development, maintenance and support of the website, computer hardware and software required to enable online ticketing. These costs are paid by the fees collected when booking tickets. What do i need to carry to see the movie using my online booking? To collect your tickets from the Wanasa Timecounter, you will need the following: Reservation code to access your reservation Credit card used to purchase tickets for verification Why haven’t I received an email or SMS with my reservation code? Wanasa Time uses the best technology tools to deliver your reservation code email and SMS messages. However, due to hardware or software failures or due to network issues, your confirmation message may be delayed. You should receive your reservation code email within 5 minutes of your online purchase. You can always re-send your reservation message by using the "Resend Confirmation" facility in the landing page of the website. Remember, we are available at info@wanasatime.com to assist you. How about refunds and cancellation of tickets? 1. Reserved seats can’t be transferred or changed. 2. Cancellation of a ticket can be done until one hour before the show. Please note that cancellation of the tickets can be done ONLY on the booked day.After which the cancellation is not possible. 3. Please note that there is NO cash refund for cancellation of tickets.Only E-vouchers will be issued which can be used for future ticket bookings. 4. 0.3BD charged for cancellation of tickets. 5. Wanasa Timeguarantees the absolute privacy and confidentiality of its users' personal information. 6. Wanasa Time only role is to facilitate the online reservation process. We are neither responsible nor accountable for the theater's services. 7. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are verifying that all the personal information is valid and accurate, and that you bear all legal responsibility for it. Can I change my reservation? We cannot change a Reservation once the purchase is completed. When the transaction is approved and a Reservation code is approved, the reservation details are updated on the computer system of the theaters and cannot be changed. What is family booking? Theaters generally block some rows in each show for customers watching the movie with families. Please select the family seats only if you are watching the movie with women and children. Theater supervisors reserve the right to reject admission if you have booked family seating tickets but do not come with family members (Women and children) to watch the movie. In the case of rejected admission because of this reason, tickets will not refund. What do film ratings mean? Movies are rated by the Government of Bahrain based on the content and message in the movie. These ratings are strictly followed by the theaters. Please make sure that you buy tickets that are appropriate for all the people in your group.No refunds will be issued for rejected admissions. Do I need to buy tickets for children? Children below the age of 2 do not require tickets. Do you store my credit card information? We have implemented the best technology practices to ensure that our site is secure. All the financial transactions that happen on our site are actually handled by Paytab software systems. We do not store your credit card information on our website. We only store the last 4 digits of your credit card for verification purposes. Do I need to create an account in your system? No. You can book tickets on our website without creating an Account. However, we recommend creating an account to view all your upcoming and past reservations and to complete booking of the tickets faster. What are the advantages of creating an online account? While it is not required, creating an account on wanasatime.com offers the following advantages: Makes booking tickets faster Easy to access your future and past bookings Receive weekly newsletter with upcoming movies and shows Set alerts for upcoming movies I am interested in an upcoming movie. When can i book tickets for the movie?? You can set up alerts if you want to know when booking opens for a movie listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section of the website. When theater adds shows for the movie, we will send you email. What if i have booked the ticket for today and came to watch the movie tomorrow? As per Wanasa Time terms and conditions online customer cannot watch the movie other than booked show date and time. "No Show" Wanasa Time cannot allow the customers to watch the movie other than booked show date and time. No Refund will be given for these tickets. ABOUT TICKET PRICES AND FEES What is the cost of a movie ticket? Ticket prices depend on theater, Seats Selected and type of Movie (2D or 3D). The ticket prices are decided by the theaters and can change. Why do you charge a fee for each ticket? Wanasatime.com incurs expenses in development, maintenance and support of the website, computer hardware and software required to enable online ticketing . These costs are paid by the fees collected when booking tickets. :CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT. I need help! Who do I contact? For all Questions and Online help: Our support staffs are standing by and will be ready to help you with your online booking. Please email us at info@wanasatime.comfor questions/concerns. Please note: Telephone support staff are available between 7 am to midnight. If you need to reach us outside of those hours, please send us an email For help at the theater: Please reach out to the Wanasa Time staff at the theaters and they will be glad to assist you. E-VOUCHER How to use E-voucher? You can apply E-voucher to Movies or Events. Select the movie/event and go through the Booking page. Please fill all the user details with registered emailid. There you will find an option "I Have an E-voucher". Please Check checkbox and enter e-voucher code and click apply button. If entered E-voucher code is valid it shows the balance. If you have sufficient balance to book the ticket then balance will be applied. If you have an insufficient balance to book the ticket, firstly balance from e-voucher you can apply and remaining balance from credit/debit card you can apply. E-voucher will be valid only for 6 months.