Click on the 'Sign Up' link on the homepage. Enter your full name, email address, contact number, set your password, and click on 'Sign Up' to complete the registration. Once you complete the registration, you will receive an email confirmation.

No, it is not necessary for a user to register with us to book tickets. However, you can also book tickets after registering with WanasaTime.

We request new users to share their contact number (1) to ensure account security, (2) to notify users about transactions made, and (3) to send transaction confirmations to users via SMS.

Users can opt for updates and information on all the latest movies and events and can access their ticket and voucher history on WanasaTime. The platform also gives event organizers and attendees the freedom to list multiple events and generate interest in ticket sales.

Users can retrieve their password via the “Forgot password” option. Once the option has been selected, WanasaTime will send a reset password link to the user's registered email address.

Ticket bookings are automatically confirmed via SMS/Email, and customers can easily access their ticket bookings using their assigned QR code.

Apart from online bookings, our users can also book tickets via the 24/7 contact center booking service.

*Please note, this number is accessible through landlines, GSM, and CDMA phones.

If you haven’t received a confirmation SMS/email, you can write to us at [email protected] for any assistance.

WanasaTime is the official ticketing partner for Cineco Cinemas and Mukta A2 Cinemas. It currently sells tickets for four cinema locations of Cineco - Seef Mall, Oasis Juffair, Wadi Al Sail, and Saar Cineplex and one location of Mukta – Juffair Mall. Check back as we keep adding new locations and cinema chains to our list.

You can book tickets on both the website and app. You can book instantly using our ‘Quick Booking’ feature - select a movie, a cinema theatre, date and time of the show on the homepage. If you want to read the synopsis of the movies, check all the available show timings before booking the tickets.

Users are allowed a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction for any movie. In case you wish to book more tickets, you can write to us at [email protected]

For movies, the minimum age for a child to buy a ticket will depend on regional restrictions and the content rating of a movie. The rating for a movie will be specified in the movie info page on the website and the app.

WanasaTime is the official ticketing partner for Cineco Cinemas and it currently sells tickets for its four prime locations - Seef Mall, Oasis Juffair, Wadi Al Sail, and Saar Cineplex. Check back as we keep adding new locations and cinema chains to our list.

To find the showtimes for different locations and dates on the website, click on ‘Book Tickets’ button. Meanwhile, you can check the movie synopsis and cast & crew in the movie info page.

Yes! Users can easily select or change their seats at any time while booking their tickets. However, this facility is only available at select venues that allow seat selection.

Users are allowed a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction in any event category. In case you wish to book more tickets, you can write to us at [email protected]

The cut off time for booking tickets is usually 1-2 hours before the event's start time. Ticket booking cut off times may vary for every event, as these events are managed solely by the event organizer or event manager.

The minimum age for a child to buy a ticket will depend on regional restrictions and other terms, specified by event organizers on WanasaTime. Some regions may require children aged 3 years and above to buy a separate ticket.

You can visit the event venue at any time before the event start time to collect your ticket(s). Alternatively, you can also display your ticket QR code shared in the ticket confirmation email to gain entry to the event. You can also browse your booking history from WanasaTime’s mobile app, or print a copy of the ticket confirmation.

No! Tickets booked via WanasaTime are considered sold. Hence, it is not possible to cancel, replace or refund a confirmed booking.

No! You cannot change your seat number(s) once you have booked the ticket(s).

No! Once you book a ticket, it is deemed as sold. The WanasaTime platform cannot revise any booking details (seat nos, event timings, event dates, etc) after the ticket is booked.

No! As per WanasaTime’s policy, once a ticket is purchased, it is deemed sold, and it cannot be replaced or canceled.

No! Customers do not need to show their credit cards while collecting tickets. You can display the QR code or the SMS/Email confirmation to collect your tickets.

WanasaTime offers three payment options to users. You can purchase tickets via the website & mobile app. The payment options are as follows:

  • You can use your Debit/Credit Card
  • Purchase a WanasaTime voucher
  • Pay directly via NoqoodyPay

This is a rare situation, and it only happens in the case of a network fluctuation while confirming a transaction. If your card has been charged and the payment has been rejected, NoqoodyPay will raise a request (within 24 hours) for the money to be reversed to your card.

As per WanasaTime’s policy; a reverse request is sent to NoqoodyPay by the end of the day. Depending on their system, it can sometimes take up to 15 working days for the amount to be credited to your credit or debit card account. However, you can also generate a non-refundable voucher for the same value.

No. you don’t have to pay for the voucher(s).

The voucher is valid from the date of generation until the expiry date, which is specified on the voucher. You won’t be able to use the voucher beyond its expiry date.

Based on the coupon’s/voucher’s value, you can use it at once, or split the amount. However, the voucher must be availed before its expiry date.

The advance booking facility is controlled solely by the event organizer or the movie distributor. If a promoter wishes to enable advance booking for an event or a movie, the advance booking option will be made available on WanasaTime.

In case of a timed out booking, you will receive an Email/SMS confirmation notifying you whether your booking has been completed or the payment has been processed.